First Day of School Survival Guide

McAuliffe First Day of School Survival Guide


Full Day Schedule

  • Our first day of school at McAuliffe is a full day! School begins at 8:45 and ends at 3:10.

  • For full schedule details, click here.

  • Gates to campus open daily at 8:30am

  • Students who arrive prior to 8:30 may wait in the Outdoor Amphitheatre (ODAT) in the Bloomfield Lot.

  • For students with 0 Period

    • You may enter campus through the Bloomfield Lot or the Main Entrance Gate at 7:40 for 7:45 class.



  • Cellphones are not allowed on campus. When a student walks on campus, cell phones should be turned off and put away.

  • Cellphones may be used before and after school when students are off campus only.

  • Students may use the phone in the main office to call home when needed.


Dress Code Reminders

  • School is a place where we focus on learning! The McAuliffe Middle School Standards of Dress and Grooming have been created to provide students with the opportunity to choose clothing that helps support a positive learning environment. The goal of the dress standards is to offer students choice of dress, as well as make sure students wear clothing that is appropriate, functional, and does not cause a distraction.

    • Blouses and shirts should cover a student’s stomach and should not expose the back or midriff. Students are not allowed to wear low cut blouses, tube tops, sleeveless t-shirts, and tank tops. Outer garments must conceal undergarments.

    • Spaghetti strap garments are not allowed.

    • Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be of an appropriate length to avoid exposing undergarments or creating a distraction.

    • Clothing that has the appearance of being lingerie (undergarments) or pajamas are not appropriate school wear. Appropriate undergarments must be worn.

    • Any type of clothing or accessory that is deemed unsafe, disrupts the learning environment, advertises or advocates alcohol, smoking, drugs, gangs, profanity, weapons, violence, illegal activities, degrades cultures, genders, races, religions, or ethnic values, may not be worn to school at any time.

    • Hats are not to be worn when inside the classroom.


  • The District partners with parents and encourages all students to Bring Your Own Device.

  • We will not be issuing Chromebooks to students this year for at-home use. However, devices will be available inside each classroom.

  • For more info, click here.


Parking Tips for Drop Off and Pick Up at McAuliffe Middle School


Parking at every school is a challenge.  At McAuliffe, we are constantly seeking to ensure safe egress and regress for every student.  After a study in the Spring of 2019, the following are our rules for parking and traffic at McAuliffe Middle School. There are no exceptions to these rules, as we seek to ensure the safety of every child.


Bloomfield Parking Lot

  1. This lot is for loading and unloading of students from 8:00-9:00 and from 2:00-3:00. We ask that parents do not park in the staff stalls, unless they are coming onto campus for school business. The row of parking stalls closest to Bloomfield are reserved for Visitors.

  2. Vehicles must pull all the way forward toward the amphitheatre before unloading students, please do not stop at the gate near the Outpost.

  3. Please do not park in the aisleways between parking stalls, this is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only.


Cerritos Lot

  1. This parking lot is reserved for our school buses between 8:15 and 9:00 and again from 2:45-3:10, we cannot allow the loading and unloading of students during this timeframe.

  2. Visitor parking spots are available for parent parking.

  3. Parents may pull into the loading zone between 9:00 and 2:45 for the immediate loading and unloading of students and for brief office visits.


Cerritos Avenue

  1. The white zone on Cerritos Avenue is for passenger loading and unloading


Thank you for partnering with us to ensure students have a great year at McAuliffe!




Ryan Weiss-Wright, Ed.D.