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Computers & Engineering 7/8

Do you like to figure out how things work or do you like finding solutions to challenging problems? This yearlong class explores robotics, 3D design, and computer science through collaborative hands-on projects. You will use the engineering design process to tackle many real-life problems while building with VEX robotics kits, creating 3D models using computer-aided design software, and with various programs and websites on the computer. The foundational skills covered include the Microsoft Office Suite, Office 365, coding, graphic design, digital citizenship, cyber-safety, RobotC programming, Autodesk Inventor software, and 3D printing. This is the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Gateway course for those who want to take the PLTW engineering classes at the high school. This course is also a prerequisite for Advanced Engineering in eighth grade. If you have a curious and creative mind and you like to tackle problems, this class is for you.

Advanced Engineering 8

This class is for eighth-grade students who want to further their study of robotics, 3D design, and programming, and take it to the next level. The focus will be on more challenging projects with more advanced technical skills in computer programming and development. Students will work in teams to design, build, automate, and test robotic mechanisms that have real-life applications. Students in this course will develop the skills needed to compete in the OCRC (Orange County Robotics Consortium).