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Photo of the Media Center study tables and books

The Media Center at McAuliffe has been established to provide resources and instructional assistance in all areas of the Media Center Library curriculum at all grade levels. It is our belief that students who live in an information society need an environment which provides opportunities for developing a lifelong appreciation of literature and ensures that students and staff are information literate. To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to access, evaluate, and effectively use the information. The library media program has the potential to implement, enrich, vitalize, and humanize the education program.

The McAuliffe Media Center is staffed by two part-time instructional aides who support the students and staff. It has a collection of over 19,000 books.

Teachers bring their classes to the Media Center to research and use the computer lab. All classes across the curriculum use the labs to word process, research, complete web quests, create PowerPoint presentations, practice their grammar, write music, and utilize many other programs. The Media Center is open before and after school for students to check out library books, research, or use a computer to complete assigned work. The Media Center is the learning “hub” of McAuliffe and a great resource for students, staff, and parents!

Media Center computers with 5 rows of computers for students

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