Clubs are a VERY important part of campus life at McAuliffe! Please be sure to listen to the morning announcements daily to hear the club offerings.


2022-2023 Clubs

Club Name


Meeting Day/Time




6th Grade Star Wars Club

Mr. Bay

Wednesdays, 1st Lunch

Room 25


Share Star Wars items, Play Star Wars trivia, Watch Star Wars films, Discuss Characters and Events, All things Star Wars All the Time :) 

Anime Club

Mrs. Fluck

Tuesdays, 2nd Lunch

Room 41


Students are welcome to come enjoy their lunch while watching anime movies, coloring, and playing anime trivia games.

Art Club


During 1st lunch on Thursdays

Room 15


Students can come in to draw, make origami, or watercolor paint. Materials provided. Students will also help in planning the Heritage Month Crafts. 

Authors and Illustrators

Ms. Schwarz

Tuesdays, 3:10-4:10

Room 85


Students will lead discussions on famous illustrators and authors and will practice illustrating stories written by students. 

Best Buddies

Ms. Manly

Wednesdays, 2nd lunch

Room 18


To build friendships with students at McAuliffe who have disabilities; promote understanding and awareness of differing abilities 





Wednesdays 2:05-2:35

Room 15


The BWYA Club (Be Who You Are) is a student-run organization where all students are welcome. LGBTQ+ and allied youth unite to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. 

Cardio Club

Mr. Maffet

Tuesdays, 7:45am

McAuliffe Track


The Cardio Club will develop the cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance of students through a variety of training options including shuttle runs, buddy runs, cross fit runs, pacer runs,timed 800 meter runs, and mile runs

Christian Club

Mrs. Lizotte

Wed, 8:10-8:40

Room 82


Students and staff are welcome to join for a time of fellowship. Students will lead the activities, games, and prayer time.


Mrs. LeTourneau

Tuesdays, 2nd lunch

Room 8


CJSF fosters high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship. Together, we promote college days on campus, initiate community service projects, and take one field trip per semester. 


Mrs. Edwards

Miss Manly

Thursday, 2nd Lunch (once a month)

Room 83


We will learn about and show appreciation for all people and cultures around the world. 

Game & Coloring Club 


Mrs. Callaway


1st Lunch

Room 21



Games are provided or bring your own. 

Coloring pages & crayons provided or bring your own supplies. 

Comic Book Club

Mrs. Edwards

Tuesdays, 2nd Lunch

Room 83


Read and discuss comic book lore and canonical characters. Find connections with modern movies, debate characters, series, etc…

Crochet Club

Ms. Gardea

Mondays, 2nd Lunch

Room 23


No experience necessary! Learn the basics of crocheting and socialize with friends during lunch. The materials will be provided, or you can bring your own. You will be surprised at all the things you can make!

Dance Club

Ms. Bellendir

Thursdays, 2nd lunch

Room 10


This student-led dance club is an opportunity for all students at all dance levels to meet for a very inclusive dance experience. While at the club we will interact with all participants, choreograph dances, and play games. 

Drama Club

Ms. Schwarz

Mondays 3:15-4:15 and/or Wednesdays 2:10-3:10 

Room 85


Students will rehearse and prepare scenes and monologues that will be performed at the Junior Thespian and DTASC Competitions in the Fall and Spring. The competitions bring together middle school drama students from all over Southern California to compete for awards, socialize and watch hundreds of scenes and monologues. Great experience for students who want more performance opportunities!

Game Club

Mrs. Edwards

Wednesdays, 2nd Lunch

Room 83


Students will play board games, cards, D&D, and bring their own games if desired. Play games and meet new people.

Improv Club

Ms. Schwarz

Thursdays, 3:15-3:45



Students will play a variety of games to develop improvisation skills. A performance team will also be created from the club. 

Jazz Eagles Project

Mr. Fontaine

Thursdays 3:15-5pm

Room 62


Focused instruction on advanced instrumental techniques. Prep for several competitions. 


Mr. Lynes

Mondays at Lunch

Room 13


This can be a place where people can make new friends that have the same interests and get to know each other more. Some things we will be doing are trading photocards (only if you want to/have them), promoting our favorite groups, and getting to know other groups that you're interested in from other people! 

Make a Wish

Ms. Miller

Tuesdays, 3:15-3:45

Room 26


We work with the MAW foundation sponsoring school activities to raise money to help grant wishes for critically-ill kids.


Mrs. Martin

Tuesdays from 3:15-3:45

PE Courts


Students can learn the fundamentals of pickleball while playing against their peers.  Students may bring their own paddles/balls or borrow from the club.

Save Promise

Dr. Jensen and Ms. Copeland

Second and 4th Tuesday at Lunch 

WellSpace or Room 5 

6th, 7/8th

Students Against Violence Everywhere Promise Club is a fun club that puts on school wide events that focuses on violence prevention, being an upstander, and a leader for positive school change. 

Spelling Bee

Mrs. Edwards

Second Lunch




Spelling bees, lists by country of origin, work toward Orange County Bee in Feb. (winner of OC Bee goes to National Spelling Bee in DC)

Star Wars

Mr. Pagett

Thursdays, 2nd Lunch

Room 12


Watch Star Wars movies and eat your lunch in an air conditioned classroom

Stranger Things

Mrs. Wallace

Wednesday 1st Lunch

Room 74


Eat lunch together and discuss the show, watch favorite episodes, make predictions for season 5.